Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Sushi time..~

New Post for my blog again lor..~
Have 2week above do not eat sushi..~
So Thursday eat sushi lar..~(happy mood)
This time we no choice for SUSHI KING,SUSHI ZANMA&SAKAE SUSHI..~
We choose WATAMI(have listen before??)
Places looks so high level..(wohoo..^^)
                                                                 The Menu..~(Advanced??)
                                                 Black Pepper..(forget wat the name,nice eat!)
OMG!Nice it baby..~this is the first sashimi simon I eat
I see I wun enjoy sashimi at other place anymore accept WATAMI(IT'S SUPER NICE!!!)
That's all for two person order..~
But..~the prices si beh expensive(hehe..type by hokkien==)
Place at Pavilion WATAMI Restaurant
Food:4(full marks is 5)
Envionrment:4(services vry friendly..and I first time see the staff will squatting order food with you feel so noble they talk softly with you tell you which food nicely..~)
The end..!

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