Sunday, 4 December 2011

My new members..~

I'm kitty lover..~
Seriously today my DEAR gift for me a super++ cutie kitty..~

                                                                Zoom In LOOKS..~
                                                                   Boxes so cool..~

                                                                   & the behind..~
wa..hahah..~~a new member for my sony pc..
Today is a busy day for him..
Wanna go lowyat in stock still wan buy for me a new members..~
Anyway still need to wish a "thank you" for my dear..~
But this speaker is quite expensive(nearly RM50++)
HELLO KITTY things is always so expensive....~(he just want to make me happy)
This few days I'll  b a  little bit busy..~>..@(hate it)
Wanna prepare my exam for IOM & presentation...(scary mood now because I haven prepared)
Anyway my sweetie baby luyi will help me to GAR YAO  in this presentation..~
I'm pressure for MONDAY..OMG!!

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