Monday, 5 December 2011

New Post

Received my clothes..~
This clothes buy from Mizu Beauty..
Her services friendly like it<3
My baby pink clothes..~
Price is RM45++
Is short to me because haven try before for this type of clothes..~
So I ask manager how to clothes it..>..@(hehe..)
Early in the morning sit infront pc to write new post for my blog(I'm too boring)
And listen song "I'M SEXY & I KNOW IT" using my new member HK  speaker to listen..~
The sound so NICE..!!
Tomorrow examanition haven starting "K" my books..~
GOD  please let IOM love me as well and hope tomorrow exam can b easy come easy go..

Oosshh..!(my parent know how I study for my academic they sure will feel disappointed=(........)

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