Friday, 13 January 2012


First new post for my 2012 daily..~
But now date is 14/1/2012..(T.T..)
Still need to say HAPPY single valentine day for first 2012
Sorry for that~
I'm apologize..
Last DEC 2011 a vrry vry vry busy month..~(I scare people don't know I am busy use 3time VERY..><"hehe)
For my first post I will write for my new things..~
SURE is buy my CNY cloths..~(I think I evry month celebrate CNY so..hehe..~evry month keep buying only)
2012 spent jor nearly RM1K for my clothing..~(I think no so much gua..==)
4set or 5set something like that for my CNY cloths..~
SURE wan treat myself in this 2012 better than 2011..~
This year I will at my b'day that day pressie myself a Loius Vuitton bag or Canon EOS600(both just can choose one for myself..~see wheather which guy wan b my boss buy for me..^^hahaha)
OF COURSE need to change hairstyle..~
But I am now most like my super curly hair..~(looks seem like so sexy..~SS-ing myself..OMG)
Next change hairstyle I hope I can dye my hair colour..
I think my mom wun't let me do it..
She feel ORIGINAL hair colour better..
I think now modern people sure will dye hair..INCLUDED me..~(my mom so old school..~headache..@@)
This year SURE must abroad to other country..
Before end for 2011 wan trip for Hong Kong celebrate Merry Christmas
But I have exam at next week so CANCEL it..(so letdown..hope that this year don't again exam at Merry Christmas again..~please GOD!)
Fifth:    **so many thing need to realization
CHANGE my iphone4 black to white or Galaxy NOTE..(Dad have u see this pos??your lui wan change ya..~before promise me u will change for me after CNY u MUST DO IT..~waiting wor ♥)
Number fifth waiting my big boss dad help me to realization..COOL man..~
 I hope I can b more healthy and bcome a rich gal..~~(tis sixth dream enuf le wor.. ~kidding for last "dream" don't take so serious..~muhahha..)
Thats all for 2012 FIRST post..
Have a nice day to you all


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