Friday, 3 February 2012


Time to blog a new post.
CNY so fast been finish =(
Want it hurry up to CNY but do not like it end b soon..
Bcoz I'm dislike back to my stupid hasty life..(WTH!)
Evry day study like a crazy horse keep rushing rushing and rushing..
But I starting miss my friend,my room,my melody,and my "Chou Chou"
Hewwww...!!why I'm so contradiction
Anyway wai jor my future I should study harder..
Tell myself make a dream before when I'm 30years old I should have a dream house use my own money to buy it..
So I'm now should start saving money,work hard and study hard..
Remember two days ago I saw fb people share a news about 45years old bcome a millionaire is not a dream..
I want to become..!Tell myself I can I can sure I can..
But I see I need to change my shortcomings..
Share a post with u hope evry people can same with me b a millionaire
My shortcoming is number 3..@@
At house my mom n dad call me "ah bei " ##read by hokkien (English call love to buy)
See one thing buy one thing so if wan shopping better don date me..(hahaha..)
Make example if I shopping whole day no trophy I would find me today out of waste time so I'll buy something even I haven use or not my size..
So I should CHANGE!  (please don follow my bad habit it not such a good thing to learn)
Make Ambition is a good things..
Even if the failure or success on their own efforts to work hard
Thats all for today post..!


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